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I don’t have a driving licence, can I still Go Kart?

You don’t need a driving licence to be able to Go Kart at The Hangar! Our marshals will walk you through driving the kart and all of our safety measures to ensure you can zip around our circuit, no problem.

Can people with medical conditions or disabilities race at The Hangar?

We want to make The Hangar as accessible as possible to all but if your condition or disability prevents you from acquiring a driving licence, it’ll likely mean that you’ll be unable to race a Go Kart. At present, we only have karts which are controlled using a steering wheel for directionality and foot pedals for acceleration and braking. It is not recommended that anyone with heart conditions or epilepsy race either. We want to ensure that the circuit is safe for all customers, spectators and marshals alike, so if you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What’s the minimum age at The Hangar for Karting?

Our minimum age for kids to take part in karting is 8 years old, however, they must have an inside leg measurement of at least 26 inches. Even if a child is younger and has Karting experience, they must be 8 years and older to drive at The Hangar.

Do you have any height restrictions?

For the cadet karts (juniors), the minimum inside leg measurement is 26 inches.

My kids want to Go Kart, do I need to race with them?

Adults don’t have to race alongside their children and are welcome to watch from our spectators area.

I want to race against my kids, can I?

We allow "mixed" sessions (Adults and Juniors), however for safety reasons we will only allow this in situations where both the adults and juniors know each other.

I’m the adult for a party of kids, is there anything I should be aware of?

Any drivers under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. For anyone under the age of 16 in your care, you’ll need the driver's birth date, address and any emergency contact information as part of our safety requirements and policies. All waivers are signed on the day.

What should I wear for Go Karting?

In the winter, it's VERY cold at The Hangar. Like, literally freezing. We don't heat the track space so it's like being outside without being rained on... We'd recommend you dress sensibly for the time of year. We do have lockers where you can leave jackets, coats and valuables whilst you're on the track. The only thing you must have is closed-top shoes - please do not wear flip flops or open sandals.

Can I wear fancy dress items to Go Kart?

We'd love to see you in Face Dress! But when on the circuit, all clothing must be covered by a race suit. In the meeting zones, spectators area or cafe - go nuts!

Can I wear my own race suit and helmet?

If you have ISO standard race wear then you’re welcome to wear your own racing suit but our marshals might check on the day. You cannot wear race leathers or race suits that do not meet ISO standards. All helmets must meet ISO standards, fully cover the face and have a clear visor. Our marshals may check on the day.

Can I wear a GoPro?

If you’re wearing your own ISO standard helmet then you may wear a helmet cam as long as it has been securely mounted.

Do you provide head cams?

We do! Ask for details at reception.

Do I need to book?

We have limited numbers for spaces and sessions per day, so we always recommend booking for your desired time and number of drivers to avoid any disappointment.

Do you offer exclusive hire?

We sure do! You can contact us here to discuss your date, time and requirements and we’ll be happy to see what’s available for you.

Do you do corporate packages?

Yes! We can tailor packages depending on your requirements. Check out our page for corporate packages.

Can stag dos and hen parties drive at The Hangar?

Absolutely! Check out our page for stag dos & hen parties to get in touch about your requirements.

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